Editing pages

Anyone can edit the wiki. Here are a few guidelines to help you edit existing pages and create new pages on the wiki.


• Page headings should use the 'heading 1' option.
• Text on the pages should be 'Ariel' and left at 100% in size.
• Subsequent headings should use the 'heading 2' option.
• Please add website listings in alphabetical order.
• Website listings should use the following format:

Website name (in bold)
Short description (no more than one or two sentences)


• The navigation on the left-hand side is for a small number of general.
• You can create sub-pages by clicking on 'new page', adding your content, and then adding a link to the page from a navigation 'menu' page. Examples of this include the public libraries page and industry specific page.

General tips

• If you want to copy-and-paste content from other sources, please drop it into 'notepad' first, to remove all the existing formatting.
• Every page has a 'discussion' section, where you can leave comments, etc.
• Please just add listings to the most relevant pages, rather than multiple categories.
• This wiki is just for links to information sources, not a place to promote your business (unless you have really useful, free content on your site).