Networking is essential to any business! There are lots of organisations and websites out there that can help you get connected. We've separated this section into more specific networking groups, to help you find what you need:

Women's networks
There are a number of online and face-to-face groups that specialise in advising and connecting female entrepreneurs, as well as mumpreneurs!

Online networks
If you're not able to meet up with other businesses, there are lots of websites where you can network online with other entrepreneurs to gain advice and support.
The BIPC has a presence on these networks: F T L Y

Chambers of commerce
Chambers of commerce are local and national organisations that provide formal support and networking opportunities for businesses. They also play a role in influencing government policy for small businesses.

Enterprise agencies
Enterprise Agencies are local organisations that can help you with training, advice, mentoring and often run networking events specifically aimed at entrepreneurs.

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